Masonry: 4 Columns

Episode 9: Dick Degroat

Jim dialed up the newest Bills phenomenon “BILLS DAD” Dick Degroat. Dick told the boys how it all started and how much fun he is having making the Mafia smile every week. Remember to follow us on Twitter @JCisL2T and Instagram Licensed2TALK.

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Episode 8: Michael J. Brand

Mike tells Jim how the game of lacrosse has shown him the world, made him life long friends and met his better half. We cant thank Mike enough for taking his time and sharing some stories with us. If you like what you hear leave a comment or follow us on Twitter @JCisL2T and instagram...

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Episode 7: Lissa Marie Redmond

Lissa gives Jim a look into her life in law enforcement,and her transition to becoming an author. She tells Jim about the teamwork it takes to accomplish some of her very big successes,and the self discipline it takes to hone the craft of writing. This episode wouldn’t be here without our Jim,Mark,Kevin,(Kinger). We need to...

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Episode 6: Louis Mustillo

Louis dropped by the OFW to give Jim an unfiltered look into how he went from Edgewood to Hollywood. He is joined by his longtime friend Raymond K. (we know what the K stands for) Mcgurn.

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Episode 5: John Kennedy Kane

John Kennedy Kane tells Jim about life under the BIG TOP.

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Episode 4: Greg Sterlace

Greg and Paula talk to us about their new movie: Catcher In The Rye With Diamonds. Also featuring members from his band BAD RONALD.

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